Success stories

“I use it if I’m feeling stressed out or in pain”

“We both use it regularly together with our walking, exercise and diet along with vitamins and minerals. The ASHA* relaxes and stimulates endorphins. We are completely sold on the ‘torture pad’!”

“By the fifth time I used the ASHA, the period I felt uncomfortable had shortened dramatically. For those with stiff morning muscles, it’s great.  Its great for insomnia, too — diverts the mind and relaxes the body.  I was one of your doubting Thomases. But the ASHA is a terrifically effective, efficient muscle relaxer.  It has banished my morning back stiffness and iron outs pulled back muscles. I have used it twice when I had trouble sleeping and it truly relaxed me to the edge of sleep. How strange something so simple works so well.”

“I use the ASHA in the treatment of my clients. It makes my work as a massage therapist significantly easier.”

“I use it if I’m feeling stressed out or in pain. It is uncomfortable at first, but within 5 minutes I start to feel mellow and very relaxed.”

“There is a real feeling of “relaxed” muscles – it redistributed the tension in my lower back. It’s a clear source to release specific muscle tension.”

“I try not to think of the brief discomfort: I focus on something else. I have really noticed a dramatic difference in relation to all severe headaches I was having. They seem to just fade away the longer I use the product.  Thanks a million!”

“I spend 40 minutes on the ASHA each night before sleep. It does wonders for a headache.”

“I’m hooked — this is a great addition to my wellness regime.”

“It takes a while to adjust to the ASHA. Also, placement on the back is important. Sometimes I have to adjust several times before I can get a comfort level to withstand.”

“I sometimes need to shift myself for points to hit the correct spots. Immediately after using ASHA I feel more focused and relaxed.”

“I have used the ASHA on my thumbs for tendonitis and for headaches including sinus pain.  Fabulous results! The combination of massage therapy and the ASHA has been the only thing that has actually helped my lower back. My riding (horses) is once again possible and better than it’s been since I was a teenager (and I just turned 50)!”

“Along with physical stress, I suffer from severe nightmares, which inhibits my ability to go to sleep greatly. The first night I tried the ASHA, I stayed on it for about twenty minutes. My skin was fire-hot for about ten minutes afterwards; then I felt wonderfully relaxed. I slept through the night for the first time (without medication) in almost a year.”

” I’m sleeping longer and more deeply and have had healing of an arthritic hip joint. I have less tension, pain, and fatigue during the day.”

“I always feel very relaxed after using it. Now I have to use it because if I don’t my body doesn’t feel right.”

“The sensation of “first pain” grew less over time. At first I was uncomfortable for 3-4 minutes. Then (after a week) it took only one minute. I really love the warm rush after that.”

“I use for a severe hamstring injury and insomnia. It is great for pain, injuries, headaches, energy boosts and insomnia. I’ve recommended to every one who is in pain.”

“I really couldn’t stand lying on it. I had to pretend I was trying to survive torture to save my life. However, after nine days when I went to bed late I realized that I was uncomfortable until I pulled out the ASHA. It had become something that really enhanced my sleep.”
* In some of the quotations, ASHA may refer to the earlier version manufactured in the US in 1993-2000 under the name of Panacea