Natural Pain Relief

3738217Common painkillers may only relieve acute pain sensation. None of them remove the cause of pain.  Some painkillers containing caffeine may help to dilate contracted blood vessels, but they may also cause unpleasant side effects on your heart and blood pressure.  The mechanical skin stimulation increases blood flow to a target area and dilates the blood vessels — the same as caffeine can do for your headache, but without any side effects.  Relaxation of neck and shoulder muscles due to the ASHA action also has a beneficial effect on headaches.  As a potent natural relaxant, the ASHA is able to ease spastic muscle backaches, and for managing spinal disk problems, it is an excellent addition to chiropractic treatment.  We have reports that even 2-3 weeks’ regular use of the ASHA can significantly improve spinal adjustment by a chiropractor. Relief of headaches and back pain is the most reported benefit in our pilot study (1). Neck and low back pain relief were recently reported by a group of researchers from Complementary and Integrative Medicine, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany (2).


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